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Denise Henry

Denise Henry photo Denise Henry
  • Black Belt - 1st degree

Hello! I am your point of contact at the gym for questions about membership and programming. I manage daily operations, write the curriculum for the adult and youth program, and coach the kids and evening adult classes. Please don't hesitate to call, text, or eMail whenever I can be of assistance. 

A little about me...I started training Jiu Jitsu in Santa Cruz, CA in 2005 when I was looking for a fun activity for my young son and I to do together. I was really nervous because I had never tried martial arts but was hooked from the start! As my love for Jiu Jitsu grew, I looked for more ways to connect with the sport and opportunities for cross-training in wrestling and Judo to expand my grappling skills. Over the years I've gained experience in running tournaments, writing curriculum, coaching all ages, directing youth programs, creating summer camps and anti-bully programs, organizing benefit seminars, and competing in tournaments.  

In 2019 I received a black belt from women’s Jiu Jitsu pioneer, Professora "Lethal" Lana Stefanac. Professor Clement Shields, who started the American Jiu Jitsu movement with his brother Jake, awarded a black belt to me the same year as well. 

My life off the mat has focused on supporting people of all ages in academic and community support programs. I've worked as a math teacher for middle and high school students in alternative, juvenile justice, and traditional schools, a teaching coach for other teachers, and am currently the Director for the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership at CSU Pueblo. 

You can learn more about competitions I've done and view my lineage on my profile at

Here's my professional educator website in case you are interested in that work.